When most traders have finished work after the night shift and are sitting at the breakfast table, cultural life begins in Hamburg’s wholesale market. The German Food Additives Museum receives its first groups of visitors, the Mehr! Theater builds the stage for the evening performance and barriers are erected on the wholesale market site in readiness for an open-air concert. Early risers can even experience the night-time trading live on a conducted tour of the wholesale market.

food market 2020

There's really something for everyone!

HAMBURG’s FOOD MARKET – The culinary highlight of the year is not just a real treat for restaurateurs and buyers. Everyone is welcome and they can marvel, taste and indulge. The wholesale market will again be opening its doors this year in the late summer. 

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Wholesale market events calendar


  • Mehr! Theatre in the wholesale market

    Since its opening in March 2015, the theatre has played host to musicals and shows of international standard besides global rock stars and pop music greats. Since May 2019, the Mehr! Theatre has undergone an extensive refurbishment for the fantastic theater experience "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child".

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  • German Food Additives Museum

    In the EU, thousands of additives such as flavourings, enzymes, colouring and flavour enhancers can be use in food production. Many of them do not even need to be declared. Even with bioproducts, numerous additives are permitted. Without these additives, many types of food would not be available and others would be significantly more expensive.

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  • Interesting facts about the pomegranate

    The pomegranate which is currently prized as a super fruit, is one of the oldest cult fruits, cultivated shrubs and medicinal plants. The fruit which is also known by its French name grenadine was considered in classical times to be the epitome of divine love and immortality and also as a symbol of fertility and happiness with its numerous seeds.

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  • 5 a day

    5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day! This simple rule of thumb is at the heart of the campaign, 5 a day. Because if you eat 3 portions of vegetables and 2 portions of fruit a day, you will be feeding your body many important substances.

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  • AMI informs

    Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH (AMI) [Agricultural Market Information Company] collates all the relevant facts, information and news about the agricultural market and analyses them.

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  • Simple, cheap and tasty!

    Hamburg’s wholesale market publishes second cookbook with proceeds going to Hamburger Tafel. “Cooking simple, cheap and tasty food!” is also the idea behind and the title of the second cookbook published on 30 September 2010 for the benefit of Hamburger Tafel.

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