Up-to-date information in and around Hamburg’s wholesale market

Our market magazine FRISCH GEPRESST appears several times a year, providing you with information in relation to Hamburg’s wholesale market, North Germany’s centre for fresh food.

FRISCH GEPRESST supplies background information on current developments in the wholesale market scene as well as on events, campaigns and major construction projects. In addition, we publish details and interesting facts about products with the emphasis naturally always on the subject of pleasure. However, we also want to give you a glimpse of the wholesale market’s management behind the scenes, and gradually present you the various areas and the people behind them. And it’s all interwoven with anecdotes, history and other stories to do with the wholesale market.

You will find the market magazine among other places in 13 notice boards in the wholesale market hall. It is also available in the Business Office (Room 120) and in the ID Office (Room 105). One wholesaler or another is also bound to have a copy for you.

You are one of our customers or you have a business connection with the wholesale market, and would like to receive the market magazine regularly in the form of a printed copy or as a PDF file by email? Please send us your address details by email to »

So look forward to a colourful range of topics. We will be happy to receive your ideas, suggestions or even criticism.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine. 


  • ISSUE 18

    TOPICS JUNE 2018

    • Experience your market
    • Results of workshops
    • Status of refurbishments
    • Site signage
    • New in the market: Volker Albus
    • The wholesale market opens its doors
    • Syrian Pitaria Salibaba
    • Dates and information
  • ISSUE 17


    • Site signage
    • High-visibility clothing
    • Status of refurbishments
    • Interview: Mrs Adler/Mr Saucke
    • Announcement of FOOD MARKET HH
    • Experience your market
    • FAIRNESS CUP football tournament
    • Dates and information


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