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Wholesale Market News 04 March 2015
Grand opening concert with the LSO

The Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt will be officially opened with a concert by the London Symphony Orchestra on 07.03.2015.

The world’s leading orchestra under the baton of internationally renowned Gianandrea Noseda, one of the most sought-after conductors of our time, will perform Tchaikovsky’s famous piano concert No. 1 and the 5th symphony from Shostakovich. The soloist for the evening is the Russian-Israeli pianist, Roman Zaslavsky, a virtuoso of piano techniques and a sensitive fashioner of nuances.

About Mehr! at the Wholesale Market
Germany’s number one musical metropolis will boast another theatre, and one of the most astonishing kind at that! The contracts have been signed: Grossmarkt Hamburg, represented by Government Agency for Economy Transport and Innovation / State Office Grossmarkt and Mehr! Entertainment have agreed on building a theatre in a part of the listed halls within Hamburg’s Grossmarkt.

This will open the Grossmarkt, which is a typical site of traditional Hamburg and has so far been reserved for trade only, to a far broader public due to this one-off new place of cultural interest. The new theatre will be built on roughly 10 percent of the entire Grossmarkt area. The Grossmarkt has an excellent infrastructure and is situated in the middle of the cultural belt around Hamburg’s city centre.

Hamburg’s Grossmarkt halls were completed in 1962 under the direction of architect Bernhard Hermkes. It is a static work of art and, as one of the last examples of reinforced concrete buildings, it is listed. The vast ceiling height and open view of the 8 cm thick reinforced concrete frame are most impressive. The audience will be able to experience this height throughout the theatre – the highest point measuring 20 meters above the theatre seat.

The new theatre will be fully integrated in the existing Grossmarkt halls. Overall, it will have the size of 8.000 square meters, which will be divided among three storeys. The stage will be on ground level and a stage tower with a height of 19,20 meters will be below the wavy roof dome. The auditorium will seat appr. 2.400 people.


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