The Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH (AMI) [Agricultural Market Information Company] collates all the relevant facts, information and news about the agricultural market and analyses them. In doing so, AMI uses its own primary surveys and secondary data. AMI’s market information is updated daily and serves decision-makers, in particular, as an informed basis for their business actions.

The horticulture area is characterised by an especially large diversity of products. From A for Apple to Z for Zucchini, from aubergines to zaatar, and then there’s the flowers from asters to zinnia. Every day, you quickly arrive at several thousand datasets with prices for different market levels, supply quantities, consumption, production figures, imports as well as information about advertising campaigns. These data are viewed, summarised and sensibly interpreted by AMI’s specialists to ensure that the flood of data give rise to relevant information for taking decisions.

AMI collects surveys the prices for fruit and vegetables in 6 wholesale markets in Germany on a daily basis, and in addition, producer prices in Germany and neighbouring countries are researched and consumer prices analysed. The main focus of the reporting and market analysis, however, is direct and intensive contact with the industry. Week by week, the assessments are compiled to form a state of the market: Here, the interaction between supply and demand, domestic production and imports as well as weather conditions and prices are summarised and analysed.